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Piano Lessons


   All ages are welcome

  • Private Lessons

  • Group lessons for young children

  • Group lessons for private students once a month



  • Annual Summer Recital

  • National Piano Guild

  • Christmas performances

Recital Song 4

Recital Song 4

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Mrs. Emily's piano lessons have transformed my daughter into a determined and confident piano player with a passion for music. Since starting her weekly lessons less than a year ago, my child has performed in numerous recitals and has been certified as a national member of the American College of Musicians. Mrs. Emily uses innovative teaching methods and has a way of conveying her love of music to her students. I have seen my child develop her own sense of confidence and discipline through piano and we credit Mrs. Emily's instruction for her growth! ~ Meimei Schuyler             

I am truly amazed and thankful to Miss Emily for her patience and dedication. She continuously helps my son improve with his piano skills and makes it so enjoyable for him that he constantly looks forward to piano class every week.  And the ono food that we smell upon entering the house is so inviting! :-)  ~ Kevin Ching

Ms. Emily is an experienced, patient and caring piano teacher!  She understands how to get small children's attention by making every class fun and interesting!  My children have since gained so much confidence and love for music!  ~ Frances Sullivan

Emily is a wonderful piano teacher. She inspires and encourages her students to work hard and enjoy what they do. Her patience and positive attitude allow students to develop the skills they need as they continue down their musical path.  ~Ariel Tseng

Emily is not only a stellar teacher, but an inspiration to many young aspiring pianists, pushing them to strive to fulfill their fullest potential as pianists and young individuals. Her knowledge and passion for music and piano is perpetuated through her teachings. ~ Megan Lam

My son has been taking piano lessons from Emily for over 2 years and he loves it!  He started when he was only 4 years old.  She is a very patient and caring teacher, especially with the young children when a huge piano can seem very intimidating in the beginning.  She moves each child at their appropriate pace.  Her recitals are amazing how she plans out the piece(s) for each child and how it always comes together beautifully! ~ Vanessa Kau

Ms. Emily has been teaching me since I was 4 and I am currently 13, I have learned so much and I am still learning. I have been able to apply what I have learned from Ms. Emily to my outside life such as orchestra.  I really enjoy learning from Mrs. Emily because she’s really kind, sweet and also has great humor. ~ Kela Iwata

I’ve been Mrs. Emily’s student for maybe about a few years. I’ve learned a lot from her. She’s patient, nice, and very easy to be around. I’ve had two other teachers and I learned the basics from them, but Mrs. Emily has really helped me to improve and fine-tune my playing. ~ Kiana Lee


Miss Emily has a gift for teaching and encouraging children to enjoy and have fun while learning to play the piano. Her patience and thoughtful teaching methods allow even the youngest students to play the piano with joy and a wonderful sense of accomplishment! Kudos to Miss Emily!  ~ Sharin Burton

Ms. Emily is a very patient teacher with an abudance of knowlede and love of music. One of the things that has impressed me is her ability to teach in so many different ways, and levels. If we don't understand something she will explain it a different way!! And sometimes drawing it on paper. She allows my son the opportunity to think before she provides the answer. Her teaching styles are excellent.  Most of all, Ms. Emily teaches our kids with her heart and passion!!!  ~ Jennifer Lam

Mrs. Emily is a wonderful teacher. She strives for her students to be successful. I think she's the best piano teacher I could ever have.  ~ Paige Sung

Miss Emily is an incredibly gifted piano teacher who possesses a unique ability to motivate even the youngest student. My son started with her when he was six and now as he's about to turn 13 he climbs onto the stage at UH to play classical pieces on the concert Steinway with ease and grace. Not only has she taught him beautiful technique but also the ability to perform in front of groups and grace under pressure. ~ Lilian Baliad

I have both of my daughters taking Piano Lessons from Emily.  Kela in high school and Kiana in middle school. They have been continuous students since age five.  ~Ron Iwata 

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